Cat Day Boarding

Day boarding in our Cozy Cattery provides a safe and quite space for your cats while your away for the day. Cats will receive individualized attention from our attendants throughout their day including out of condo playtime. Reservations are required to secure a daytime space for your cat.

Special requirements/requests will be extra. Cats must enter and exit our facility in a carrier.

Day Boarding Requirements:

Prior to boarding, your pet(s) must be up-to-date with the following vaccinations:

FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia)

All vaccines must be administered by a veterinarian and proof is required. Vaccinations administered at home will not be accepted. We do not accept titer tests as proof of current vaccination.
We do not allow boarding for female cats that are pregnant or in heat. There may be additional fees for unaltered pets.

Have additional questions about day boarding with Canine Connection? Please visit our FAQ!

Fillable Forms: Cat Profile | General Terms and Conditions


One Cat Rates:

  • Full Day (over 6 hours) $24 for Cats

  • * Expires 6 months after purchase.

2 or more Cats from same family:

  • Full Day (over 6 hours) $19 / cat

  • * Expires 6 months after purchase.